OM over Taste!: Taste and see–with others and God in community

Op 24 januari 2018 schreef Operatie Mobilisatie een artikel over ons (in het Engels):

When Ewout and Ali van Oosten got married, they lived in in a very densely populated city in Ewout’s native country, the Netherlands, where 12,000 people dwelt within two square kilometres, in high-rise blocks of flats. This close physical proximity brought social isolation for the 100 nationalities represented. Although people walked to the lift together, said hello and goodbye to neighbours, they never made real connections. Ewout had tried to reach out to neighbours, but nothing happened.

Then Ali, who is part-American, suggested celebrating Thanksgiving with their neighbours. “It won’t work here!” said Ewout. As she persisted, he went to the 13 neighbours on their floor to invite them—some of whom he had never met before. All were a bit surprised, yet 11 turned up! They had an amazing evening, and Ewout thanked God, seeing it as a wonderful way where ‘not possible’ became ‘possible.’ Then he thought, “If we want to be contagious, we need other people to help change the neighbourhood. We need others living locally to share together, with others and God in community.” The vision of TASTE was born.

Zie deze link om het hele artikel te lezen (in het Engels).

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